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U.S. Copyright Office Basics: "Application Forms"

For Original Registration

Form PA:

for published and unpublished works of the performing arts (musical and dramatic works, pantomimes and choreographic works, motion pictures and other audiovisualworks).
Form SE:

for serials, works issued or intended to be issued in successive parts bearing numerical or chronological designations and intended to be continued indefinitely (periodicals, newspapers, magazines, newsletters, annuals, journals, etc.)
Form SR:

for published and unpublished sound recordings

Form TX:

for published and unpublished nondramatic literary works

Form VA:

for published and unpublished works of the visual arts (pictorial, graphic, and sculptural works, including architectural works)

Form G/DN:

a specialized form to register a complete month's issues of a daily newspaper when certain conditions are met

Short Form/SE and Form SE/GROUP:

specialized SE forms for use when certain requirements are met

Short Forms TX, PA, and VA:

short versions of applications for original registration. For further
information about using the short forms, request publication SL-7.

Form GATT:

specialized form to register a claim in a work in which U. S. copyright was restored under the 1994 Uruguay Round Agreements Act (URAA). For further information, request Circular 38b.
For Renewal Registration

Form RE:

for claims to renew copyright in works copyrighted under the law in effect through December 31, 1977 (1909 Copyright Act) and registered during the initial 28-year copyright term

Form RE Addendum:

accompanies Form RE for claims to renew copyright in works copyrighted under the1909 Copyright Act but never registered during their initial 28-year copyright term.

For Corrections and Amplifications

Form CA:

for supplementary registration to correct or amplify information given in the Copyright Office record of an earlier registration
For a Group of Contributions to Periodicals

Form GR/CP:

an adjunct application to be used for registration of a group of contributions to periodicals in addition to an application Form TX, PA, or VA

How to Obtain Application Forms

See “For Further Information.”
You must have Adobe Acrobat Reader ® installed on your computer to view and print the forms accessed on the Internet. Adobe Acrobat Reader may be downloaded free from Adobe Systems Incorporated through links from the same website from which the forms are available. Print forms head to head (top of page 2 is directly behind the top of page 1) on a single piece of good quality, 8½ × 11" white paper. To achieve the best quality copies of the application forms, use a laser printer.

Fill-In Forms Available

Most Copyright Office forms are available on the Copyright Office website in fill-in version. Go to and follow the instructions. The fill-in forms allow you to enter information while the form is displayed on the screen by an Adobe Acrobat Reader product. You may then print the completed form and mail it to the Copyright Office. Fill-in forms provide a clean, sharp printout for your records and for filing with the Copyright Office.


What Is Copyright?

Who Can Claim Copyright?

-----Copyright and National Origin of the Work

What Works Are Protected?

What Is Not Protected by Copyright?

How to Secure Copyright


Notice of Copyright

-----Form of Notice for Visually Perceptible Copies

-----Form of Notice for Phonorecords of Sound Recordings

-----Position of Notice

-----Publications Incorporating U.S. Government Works

-----Unpublished Works

-----Omission of Notice and Errors in Notice

How Long Copyright Protection Endures

Transfer of Copyright

-----Termination of Transfers

International Copyright Protection

Copyright Registration

Registration Procedures

-----Original Registration


-----Special Deposit Requirements

-----Unpublished Collections

Effective Date of Registration

Corrections and Amplifications of Existing Registrations

Mandatory Deposit for Works Published in the United States

Use of Mandatory Deposit to Satisfy Registration Requirements

Who May File an Application Form?

Application Forms

-----Fill-in Forms Available


Search of Copyright Office Records

For Further Information


Source: U.S. Copyright Office
Revised July 2006

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